Blaise Emmelin

bow maker

" After four years of cabinetmaking, I happened to meet Germain Trumpf, violin maker in Strasbourg. He made me aware that Pierre Guillaume, bow maker was looking for an apprentice as he had just opened the renowned Maison Bernard in Brussels with Jan Strik, violin maker. And that is where it all began!  


-1988-1991 : Bow making apprenticeship with Pierre Guillaume (Belgium). In that workshop I had the chance to learn bow making and also repairing, restoration and expertise in older bows.

-1991- : Awarded a special mention for a violin bow at the Concours international de lutherie et d'archèterie de la ville de Paris.

-1991-1994 : Worked in collaboration with Tom WILDER and Richard DAVIS violin makers in Montreal (QUEBEC) : I studied the mechanics of sound and instrument adjustment through contact with musicians and colleagues Mario Gendron, Hubert Chanon, Louis Begin and André Lavoy. The experience of a mobile workshop in the west of Canada and elsewhere in the world developed my independence and the necessary confidence in our craftsmanship.

-1994-1995 : Collaboration with Günter SIEFERT, violin maker - Dijon (France)

-1995-1998 : I set up an independent workshop in Ribeauvillé - Alsace (France) where I formed my first apprentice, Jancsi Roth.  -1998- : Close collaboration with Robert PIERCE, bow maker - Brussels.

These years were the beginnings of the Atelier Flagey as a shared enterprise that has now been joined by Catherine Janssens and Joanne Van Bosterhaut, violin maker and Daoudi Hassoun and Victor Bernard, bow makers with whom we organise events to present contemporary violin and bow making to musicians.

-2003-2009 : Collaboration with Xavier WALGER, violin maker in Toulouse. There I was pleased to train and subsequently work with Eric GAGNE

-2010-2013 : Shared workshop - Le Silo - with Hervé LAHOUN guitar maker at Salles sur l’Hers - Aude (France).

-Since 2014 : Set up in Côte Vermeille, Port-Vendre  "

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