Charles Edry

From early age my father, who is with spanish descendant, thought me working with wood, building small cages for canary birds.
In 1982 I met Mr George Heinl who helped and directed me to build my first violin.

In 1990 I submitted one of my violins to the ‘ Canada Councilor of Arts’ and I received a price of money which I used taking a year study with Mr Mario Lamarre, a master violin maker. At that time I became a member of the Violin Society of America.

In Montreal I did a lot of experiments on model, varnish and acoustic of the violin. At the same time I was very close to Mr Alois Fogl,from the firm Anton Wilfer, who with his long experience and big knowledge of old masterpiece instrument of different famous maker, gave me a lot of good advice.


Charles Edry's instruments