Charline Dequincey

Currently living in Ottawa (Canada), Charline Dequincey is a luthier trained in French methods of making and restoring string quartet instruments. She graduated with honours (2004) from France’s national violin-making school in Mirecourt, and while studying and working, took several apprenticeships in France. She then continued to expand her expertise with luthiers in England and the USA, broadening her understanding of different approaches to instrument-making and restoration. Following these apprenticeships, she worked with Gert Schrijvers in Hasselt (2005, Belgium) and since 2006 has worked with Guy Harrison in Ottawa. In order to explore her own ideas and develop her personal style, Charline has continued to build instruments (violin, viola and cello) independently.

In her instrument-making, Charline aims to honour the best of the traditions passed down to her by rigorously ascribing to high standards and striving for constant improvement.

Charline Dequincey's instruments