Martin Héroux

As far back as his childhood memories go, Martin Héroux is surrounded by the smell, textures, colors and warmth of wood, both in the nature surrounding Sainte-Émélie-de-l’Énergie and in his father’s cabinetmaker workshop in the heart of the village.  “I realize today how lucky I was to be immersed in these atmospheres,” he says.

Music then appeared in his life: traditional songs and dance music, classical and sometimes wild melodies. Sounds and songs that, as they are released, caress the souls of those who come to hear them.

These are the two spheres of his life that led him to lutherie. “When you think about it, I didn’t choose lutherie, it chose me,” he says. “I just said yes. I’m one of those intuitive people who knows when it’s right. I let it guide me, this violin making, between violins, violas and cellos and to tell you the truth, I love it! What a great job! “.

Like most of his colleagues, he is in search of the perfect violin. The challenges, research and experimentation that have renewed his art for centuries stimulate him and push him to surpass himself with each new instrument.  He combines the old with the new to add his personal touch, that little spark that is Martin Héroux’s signature.

Martin Héroux's instruments