Selection of New Members

Regulations (extract):

Members from the 2015-2016 season are considered founding members who were selected upon invitation, and who may renew their membership without having to submit a renewal form to the selecting committee.


Selection Criteria:

For those who wish to become a Makers’ Forum member (hereinafter referred to as “Candidate”) will need to apply for a membership and submit it to the Selection Committee. The Candidate must:

  • Be employed full-time as a violin maker or bowmaker in Canada in an established workshop or self-employed, or a Canadian working abroad full-time as a violin maker or bowmaker

  • Respond to one or more of the following criteria:

    • Has received a prize, a certificate or a recognition award obtained through a competition or an international luthier or bow making contest

    • Is recognized by his peers as a professional violin maker or bowmaker

The Candidate must fill out the “Makers’ Forum Membership Application” and complete their file with at least one of the following items below:

  • copy/scan of their diploma from a recognized luthier or bow making school

  • copy/scan of an award, certificate or a citation of excellence from a luthier or bow making competition or contest.

  • 2 recommendation letters from existing Forum members in the same year the file is to be submitted


Selection Committee

The selection committee is comprised of 2 members from the Board of Directors and 3 existing Forum members. The 3 Forum members who make up the selection panel will be in this position for the duration of one business year. They will be randomly selected and must accept the position on a volunteer basis. The Committee members must remain anonymous at all times.


Selection Procedure

The Selection Committee will be consulted as soon as a Candidate submit an application. It is asked to each members take in consideration the selection criteria, however they are free to adjudicate about the membership of any Candidate. An anonymous virtual vote will be conducted and the results will be sent to the Candidate.

Download the Makers' Forum application form.