Marjolaine Honor

For well over 10 years, Marjolaine Honor has been making instruments for student musicians and string quartet professionals. Her speciality consists in making violins, violas, and cellos that are known not only for their full and rich sound quality, but also for their comfort. Ms Honor is also known for her sincere and open relationships with musicians, an extremely important aspect of making instruments, for who is constantly aspiring to continuous improvements.

Her skills were acquired through respected and proficient violin makers such as Jean-Christophe Graff in Strasbourg, France, Pierre Bergeron in Montreal and Tom Wilder at Wilder & Davis Luthiers also located in Montreal.

Without setting aside this incredible knowledge acquired through her apprenticeship (a thorough mastery in maintenance, adjustments, usual repairs and restorations that are needed ensures the long-term nature of the relationship between the musician and their instrument) a stimulating and steady path established itself with the musician to better respond to their visceral need to move forward with greater facility. The art, the effort involved and the heart that is put into the instrument and its peers requires a steady progression. The instrument is no longer the object of progression, but rather a means to channel an enveloping sound that is at once gratifying and inspiring which touches upon the most intimate aspect of a human being – his soul. We strive to offer musicians with an instrument that will facilitate this channeling in the most natural way possible.

Marjolaine Honor's instruments