Jean-Benoît Stensland

Jean-Benoît Stensland began his apprenticeship in Montreal under luthier Antoine Robichaud. This training enabled him to obtain in 1980 a Canada Art Council grant to study at the International School of stringed instruments making in Cremona, Italy.

After graduating in 1984, he earned a certificate of merit for one of his violins from the Violin Society of America. Back in Montréal Jean-Benoît Stensland opened a workshop with luthier Thérèse Girard.

He has developed techniques based on the Italian classical school, striving for a particular ideal tone while focusing on the visual aesthetics of the instrument.

To date, Jean-Benoît Stensland has made more than 400 instruments including forty violoncellos, one of which is part of the collection of the Canadian Museum of Civilisations.

Jean-Benoît Stensland's instruments