lucas Castera

Craftsmanship has always been a part of Lucas Castera’s life. Since his childhood, He practices beekeeping and horticulture arts. Being of a curious nature, he practiced many musical instruments and therefore, observed their function.

One thing led to another, he graduated at the École Nationale de Lutherie de Québec in 2013 with awards for the quality of his work.  He pursued his formation with Luthiers Isabelle Wilbaux, Richard Compartino and at Wilder & Davis.  He then joined The Sound Post, where he worked for four years as a luthier.

Always inspired by nature, Lucas expresses this connection in his work.  The music of working bees and the opening buds in the spring. This sensibility to the things that surround him is reflected in his understanding of mechanical and aesthetic of violin making. Surrounded by renowned luthiers and bow makers, he manufactures high quality instruments.

lucas Castera's instruments