Philip Risacher

Having made my first violin autodidactically in 2004 with a minimum of tools ill suited to the trial, the little information available on the internet and a few books from the library, I enrolled in The Chicago School of Violin Making. Here, under the watchful eyes of Rebecca Elliott and Fred Thompson I learned how to transform a few blocks of wood into high quality instruments. By my graduation in 2007, I had made five violins, a viola and a cello.

In 2008 I was welcomed into the string instrument repair team at the Maison du Violon; where under the supervision of Olivier Pérot and Maud Quenoil, I was able to sharpen my skills in setup, tonal adjustment and restoration of the quartet instruments.

For twelve years I was fortunate enough to have many beautiful instruments cross my workbench, and on top of that I have been able to examine them in an intimate way that only instrument repairers can do. These instruments guided me in making my own instruments, which allowed me to create my own style.

Philip Risacher's instruments

This beautiful instrument will impress you with it’s powerful, nuanced tone.
Montreal viloin maker trained at the Chicago School of Violin Making.